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Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy is an integral part of the total care of our patients. Dr. Greenstein will carefully evaluate patients’ dietary habits from a dietary questionnaire and food diary, and make specific recommendations. Nutritional supplements help patients achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) are an adequate intake of the essential nutrients needed to maintain health for “practically all healthy persons”. Who are these “healthy persons”? Are You?

Individuals who do not fall within the RDA category of  “practically all healthy persons” include:

  • Those who have a very high or low body weight.
  • Those who have chronic infections or illnesses.
  • Those who experience heavy physical or emotional work stress.
  • Those who experience heavy physical or emotional personal stress.
  • Those who have digestive problems.
  • Those who have wounds, burns, or injuries.
  • Those who have metabolic abnormalities.

Environmental and lifestyle stressors can increase the needed level of essential nutrients beyond what can be supplied by a healthy diet. A list of some of the common stressors, increasing the amount of essential nutrients we need to function optimally include:

  • Regular alcohol use.
  • Regular intake of caffeine.
  • Chronic dieting.
  • Use of prescription or non-prescription medications.
  • Use of recreational drugs.
  • Oral contraceptive use.
  • Cigarette smoking or secondhand smoke exposure;
  • Pregnancy.
  • Heavy exercise.
  • Surgery.
  • Exposure to pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.
  • Exposure to air and water pollution.

By working with Dr. Greenstein, you can achieve optimal health through nutrition!

Nate Greenstein, DC
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Adriane RoseAdriane Rose
03:14 27 Feb 21
I left without receiving an adjustment when I was asked to change into a hospital gown for an examination...I have never experienced a chiropractor in my life requiring you to get undressed.No thanks.
Anna ArenasAnna Arenas
12:23 24 May 18
Lots Of HairLots Of Hair
19:26 27 May 16
I have went to him for adjustments since I was 7...I wouldn't trust anyone else. He is also a holistic doctor so don't worry about him prescribing you unnecessary pain killers