FAQ Endermologie

What is cellulite?
Cellulite is a connective tissue and circulation disorder causing a dimpling appearance of the skin.

Who gets cellulite?
Cellulite affects a majority of women and some men. It is affected by hormonal changes, the amount of hydration within the body, and genetics.

What can be done for cellulite?
Endermologie is one of a few FDA approved treatments for body contouring and cellulite reduction. Dieting and loosing weight, exercising, skin creams, and liposuction will not reduce the appearance of cellulite.

What is Endermologie?
Endermologie is a procedure that utilizes a patented machine and specific techniques to roll and suction the skin. The rolling and suctioning of the skin helps to smooth and tighten the skin. Each session lasts approximately 30 to 35 minutes and focuses on your problem areas. Typical problem areas include the hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. Other areas treated include the back, calves, and back of the arms.

Does Endermologie work?
Yes. Endermologie does work. It has been used on tens of thousands of women all over the world for more than 20 years. Individual results vary from person to person.

Does Endermologie hurt?
Endermologie does not hurt. Endermologie feels like a massage and is very relaxing.

Is Endermologie safe?
Endermologie is very safe. Every new client completes a health questionnaire, which is then reviewed by the doctor.

Should I do Endermologie or liposuction?
Endermologie is an effective treatment for cellulite reduction and body contouring. Liposuction will reduce body measurements by removing fat from the reserve fat layer of the skin. Liposuction does not treat cellulite.

How long does it take to see results?
The average client starts to see a change in seven to ten sessions.

How often do I need to be treated?
We recommend clients receive Endermologie on a twice a week basis for seven or ten weeks. Endermologie maintenance is then recommended on an every three week basis.

What can I do to improve my Endermologie results?
Adequate hydration (water intake) is very important. We recommend approximately 64 ounces of water per day. A good diet and participating in an aerobic exercise program for 30 minutes at least three times a week is important too.

Can men benefit from Endermologie?
Men can definitely benefit from Endermologie, especially by firming and toning the abdominal muscles, including the “love handles”.